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Buy Harlequin Strain Online. Harlequin is the sativa-dominant product of several different landrace strains: 1970s favorite Colombian Gold, Thai and Swiss sativa landraces, and a Nepali indica variety. This strain is a CBD-rich strain whose popularity predated the recent wave of non-psychoactive medical CBD strains. The THC content measures between 4%  to 10%. The CBD content measures between 6% 15%.

Things to consider before you buy harlequin strain online

Because its THC content is so low, and because its high CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of that THC, Harlequin is not likely to get the user particularly high. This strain is known to offer pain relief from both mild and chronic conditions. It can alleviate the aches associated with joint pain and stiffness. This strain allows for sustained mental focus without a heavy body stone. Buy harlequin now and get 20% off and a free shipping coupon.


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